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Story Part-2 Coffee and Ant changed my Day!

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 James was hopeless in romance and love, so later was just a joke. Rocky was trying to cheer up his buddy while reminding him of his funny issues. 

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James gave a light smile and said, “Bro it is not what you think. Jenny never engaged in the quarrel with me after the party of the wedding, and about Natasha, I was foolish enough to propose to the girl more aged than me, so please don’t remind me of my shameful behavior, it was Damn embarrassing. You know this company was my dream, I dreamed to become the head of this Branch to embrace the luxury life alongside 3-4 bodyguards, And now it seems like my dream is going to end today with the next meeting with our faty Boss.” 

James nearly burst into crying, but behaving properly, he contained himself and just rubbed the stream of tears looking to flow out. Rocky felt sad even though he had made a huge mistake by asking this question. Then he said, “Brother, don’t be so negative, you know our Boss is a cunning guy, we will never know what our higher-ups are cooking up, even if we treat Tina to some expensive cuisine whe will not show the card at any cost, so you better to ignore and face reality when the time comes! Now let’s get going with the job we haven’t even started our systems.” 

“Yaa, you are right, that bitch will never enclose cards, she heald. However, I can not even stop thinking why today Cad’s temper is so hot as if he had been bitten by his puppy,” James tried to lighten the mood with a joke, but in his mind, he was still in the deep thoughts, Yes with negative thoughts about his future. While doing his work how an hour passed, while not trying to make any mess, but he made more than six mistakes just in an hour, and with his current pace, he will not qualify for praise but will qualify for a scolding. After so many mistakes, James thought of having Coffee, so he just grabbed his bag and also took his lappy, and visited the coffee shop nearest to the office and connected the company’s system with his lappy and ordered a normal coffee. 

While taking sips and working simultaneously, his phone rang with a loud noise-making him surprised,  nearly frightened from spilling the Coffee over the Laptop. James answered the phone and said, “What is the matter, Jenny? I have told you many times don’t call during office hours, just message me, and I will call with the situation. So what is the problem?” with the angry and worried emotions fueling his voice, to respond him Jenny made a gulping sound and said, “Honey, I know you told me but, I was worried if something might have happened in the office as you departed in so rush, is everything alright there?” 

With the hearing worries of Jenny, James nearly slapped himself for being so self-centered and foolish to ignore the emotions of his partner. Then he answered in a calm tone, “Nothing, Jenny, the Boss is just too hot-tempered but he is good in nature, so I doubt is something will go wrong” thinking about his statement, he wished that he could feel that way to suppress the volcano of worries and stress erupting in his heart.

After hearing her husband’s reasoning, Jenny cooled down a little bit and said, “Okay, just call me before departing for the home. I will make something good for tonight’s dinner as today is the 3rd anniversary of our marriage.” James slipped his hand on his forehead and thought (Why the god is being so cruel, first I forgot the meeting time in the morning, I also forgot our anniversary, I shouted on Jenny before the office, and then not even wished her! Hmmm, today seems a terrible day for me.) Then James said, “Jenny, I remembered our date, it is just I planned to give you a surprise on the eve but, I am not telling you the surprise at the movement. However, you can also tell me what you want on this anniversary apart from my gift.”

Jenny was confident that her husband was a dependable man but not dependable with dates, so she knew he was lying. However, she just pretends that she agrees with him.” Ohh, you are great. I thought you forgot the date, it is good that you remember. I don’t wish anything for me especially, But please bring luxurious shoes for a party for yourself. It is just not right to wear the office shoes at the parties and our festivals” with laughing, little James said, “Okay, as your command, if I will have time, then I will pay a visit to shop with you! Then See you in the night!”

Jenny felt relief after knowing that everything was correct and James was just in a rush to keep his boss cool. On the other side, James was in so much pain, not because he was injured but because he had to endure the burden of lies, and he didn’t wish to make his middle-class family messier than it was. He also did not want to tell her sad news on the day of their marriage anniversary to make it one of the worst days of her life. On the contrary, it was a good decision as he did not know why his boss was so upset with him when even before 1-2 times he ditched meetings, so what was the difference now and before.

However, thinking repeatedly made his head hurt, so he called for another cup of Coffee and resumed his work on Laptop.

After filling his heart content with 2 cups of Coffee, he left the cafe and joined his colleagues at the office to just make sure he was not wandering around like a crazy guy. An hour later, lunchtime comes upon all employees. However, after 2 cups of Coffee, James still felt like he should have another. Thus, he grabbed the Rockey and dragged him for another round of Coffee. Then Jems ordered hot Coffee with cream, whereas Rocky asked for Cold Coffee with extra chocolate, and then they discussed n…..

Thank You for reading the Second part of Coffee and Ant, The next part of the story will be live on coming Friday…!

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