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James is a normal daily life office worker, but one day his life and his view toward the life, changed with a coffee and Ant

Story Part-1 Coffee and Ant changed my Day!

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Table of Contents

What makes things harder for people is hope. Even if you are young or an adult, expectancy never determines your destiny. And James faced a similar fate. James is a man in his early 30s, not that young to continue daydreaming. Like other everyday daily life hard-working people, James also works at one of the best software companies in Britain. We all know it by the name GBSHD, “Great Britain Software and Hardware Developers.” his job of 10 hours from the morning to night, including lunchtime.

Like any other ordinary employee of a regular job, James also has to strive hard daily to meet the expectations of his boss. Moreover, his wife Jenny has very ambitious hope for their future even after being the wife of a middle-class man with an average salary of a junior assistant. 


One day James was just reading the newspaper in the morning with his favorite hot black Coffee when his phone rang loudly. He spilled the Coffee over the newspaper. James picked up the phone from his boss.

“Hey James!, good morning! How are you?” without being excited, he answered hurriedly, “Good morning! I am good Sir, What may the cause of your call?” to the instant backfired question, Jame’s boss snorted at him while showing displeasure.

“What is the cause? You ask James, Did you forget, we had a meeting an hour before with the client and you should have attended it! However, as time passes at its pace, you need to give me a proper explanation for your irresponsible behavior. Should you not give the proper excuse, you can kiss your job goodbye!”

Shocked expression while dripping sweat from his forehead, James said, “I will Sir!” after putting down the phone, he hurriedly changed the clothes and started yelling “Jenny! Jenny! Where is my lunch box, I am in hurry otherwise that damn rotten boss will surely fire me from the job, Hye Jenny, hurry up bring the lunch box”

After some time, a beautiful lady, full of charm and with a cheerful smile entered the room from the kitchen and asked, “Why are you is such rush today, usually you depart at 10 O clock, then where are you going now?” “Hamm, don’t ask just give me the lunch box, just a little time ago I had a conversation with the boss,” and he departed from his house to get a cab from the nearest road.

After reaching the GBSHD office, he ran to the reception and gave his attendance for today. Then, the receptionist, Clara, chipped his heart with a taunt, “Good Morning, James! I thought I should wish you today as if you will have a better day! Hahaha”

“Clara, don’t be so cold. Did boss say you something” Clara smirked evilly, or James thought she was looking for an opportunity to tease him to death. “Ohh, about that, I am sure you had a call with a boss, he said me to directly to his cabin even without taking your today’s attendance, But as with magnanimous heart I will give him some reason for today, So Good Luck!”

James thought sadly (what the hell she is trying to tell is this my last day of Job? Why do I have such rotten luck? First, I got this job in my dream company, I thought I would climb the stairs bit by bit to reach my dream post, and now this, at the end of kicking out of my dream company) with James facing the harsh reality he couldn’t figure out what to do other than sigh in sadness.

After climbing to the next floor by the stairway, James directly turned right from the corridor to knock on the office door of his Boss. “Knock knock, This is James Sir, may I come in?” light but the cold-hearted sound came from inside.

“Come in James, you finally showed up!” James felt like the room’s atmosphere was so dense, and the temperature was falling bit by bit with a few cold gazes, one from his Boss and the other from the Boss’s secretary.

He even thought, (Should I give resignation myself or wait for scolding and then give resignation. Ahhh!!! What a pain.)The latter option was hell for him, whereas the first option could still save some face for him. However, if one thought logically, there were very few reasons to blame him, to kick him from this Job. Thus he chooses to go with the latter option. 

With keeping a few dozens of stones, James tilled up the courage to confront his Boss Cad, but destiny never leaves humans without tormenting from the bottom. And Miss Sceratory Tina uttered a few phrases to make things even harder for him.

“Sir, you must have to attend an urgent meeting with Mr. Prajwal, the representative of Indian IT Services, to finalize our deal with them. And we have also enclosed the fact that they are very punctual with time, a little late can create a big blander for our Branch”

As soon as Cad listened to the advice of Tina he closed the files before his table and neatly bundled them with a note. He looked to James and said, “James, I will deal with you later, now go register yourself at Clara.” Without showing any respect for James, Cad left the office with Tina following him and two files at her heart.

On the other side, James was beaten up with current progress, and now he will have to wait another 5-9 hours to talk with Boss while cooking up thousands of thoughts in his head.

Then he left the office, following behind Tina, and turned left to go to his system. After reaching, he took a closer look, as if today was his last day, and cleared all the dirt to start his work. He continuously mumbled words like “Why the boss… called me…, Did I do someth…” which disturbed his coworkers. 

However, his closes Friend Rocky was in quite a good mood, humming songs while taking sips from the cup of Coffee. Rocky said in a low tone, “Yeap, Buddy did something happen? Why are you so down today, Did my sister do something again to make you pay with your life? Or is just someone again rejecting you like Natasha of your college Days?” James was hopeless in romance and love, so later was just a joke. Rocky was trying to cheer up his buddy while reminding him of his funny issues…..

Upcoming next part on Friday…

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