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How to Use Memes for Marketing Strategy

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When we explore the internet, the majority of us encounter memes. You’re sure to come across at least one meme on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even WhatsApp every single day!

They are enjoyable, humorous, and simple to digest. But they are more complex than first appear. Meme marketing is an underappreciated concept that has been picking up steam recently.

Our social media feeds are full of memes. The language of the twenty-first century includes them. They lighten the mood and occasionally share some pearls of wisdom. But is it a brilliant idea to use memes in content marketing? Would it amuse and alienate your audience at the same time? Everything relies on how you utilize them and whether it suits the tone of your business.

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There is a proper meme technique that could encourage others to interact and spread it. That’s excellent karma for your business. The inverse, however, could also be accurate. The use of comedy in content marketing is always a good idea. The execution is everything!

What is Meme and Meme Marketing Strategy?

It’s acceptable if you’re unsure of how to describe it. When you see it, you immediately recognize it as a meme. They are, in essence, media works that express a notion or idea. They could be a GIF, a movie, or a still photo.

A meme marketing strategy refers to incorporating memes into your content and story with good planning. They may be a lighthearted, informal approach to interacting with consumers and raising social media engagement. They will draw more notice if they are more sharable and pertinent to your audience.

And it may result in better content analytics regarding website traffic and new visitors. People may get interested in your business and what you do if they enjoy your memes.

Why Memes Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

First, adding it to your blogs or social media feeds is a low-effort method to liven them up. The tale is told for you by an image or a video in this type of visual content marketing. Memes display the personality of your business and may help you create a community online.

You could be wary because you work in a traditional marketing sector. You could think that your target audience won’t care or would think it’s stupid. Ultimately, your goal as a B2B content marketing team should be to draw in people rather than an organization.

You could be categorizing your customers as lacking humor or not appreciating lightheartedness. We’re all human, so sometimes, a little humor may help customers connect with your business.

However, it frequently has the exact opposite effect since, when most customers want to avoid advertisements at all costs, a marketing approach that uses lightheartedness and well-known media may draw in consumers who are hard to reach.

Professionals, such as digital marketers, business owners, performers, and creatives, may effectively generate engaging content at a minimal cost using meme marketing.

Memes have several benefits that keep you one step ahead of your rivals.

There are several reasons why companies should use memes in their marketing campaigns, and many of the most well-known brands in the world currently do so. But there are also some guidelines you should abide by while using memes for marketing.

Let’s Look for Meme’s Rule Book.

What guidelines apply to the use of memes in content marketing? We have some advice that can help you.

Memes for your marketing Strategy
Untold rules for untold story

The Meme Code for Content Marketing Strategy

Memes’ disruptive nature is one of the reasons they might improve your content marketing. They are different from the ordinary, which is a good thing. We’ve repeatedly seen that any sector benefits from a bit of upheaval. Following these guidelines will help you use memes effectively.

Keep your audience in mind and make memes timely.

The most relatable memes are the funniest ones. You are familiar with your market and target audience to be aware of potential inside jokes. The messaging you submit should include memes since that’s what your customers want to see!

It’s essential to be current in addition to relevant. When we say something is timely, we mean it should be a contemporary issue—not just a meme. Memes that are nostalgic also work.

Make sure to identify it.

Memes are part of pop culture, and you can readily spot them since so many individuals and businesses have given them their unique spin. It becomes more shareable when it is familiar, and viewers are more likely to remember it, increasing the visibility of your business.

Avoid being offensive.

Backlash is something you don’t want to experience, and great humor never exploits it. Furthermore, memes don’t always aim to make people laugh.

Frequently, they may be motivating or convey important information more informally. Perhaps your CEO has a proverb that is renowned in your workplace. That may make a funny meme.

Avoid overtly promoting your company.

The objective of a meme is to garner attention and grow naturally. Nobody will click the share button if it’s a meme that’s actually an advertisement. You won’t receive the response you’re hoping for. If you need to brand it, add your company name or emblem as a watermark in the lower corner.

An unauthorized rulebook that is. However, it can serve as a guide for you as you meme. You don’t want to evoke a cringe-worthy vibe with your memes. Here are a few last cues:

  • Keep it brief.
  • It should be written in a legible, big font.
  • Don’t try to alter the meaning of a well-known meme.
  • Don’t add CTAs or other “marketing” terminology to the meme.

Benefits of Memes for Marketing Strategy

Memes are Free Publicity

Memes don’t require any form of financial investment. You can find many meme templates online, and all they need to become a humorous frame is a clever caption.

Memes are inexpensive since you don’t need to pay graphic designers or illustrators to make them. People do not mind low-quality DIY stuff as long as the topic is original and compelling.

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You may create memes using a variety of websites. The top websites include Meme Generator, Canva, Pinterest, Kapwing, and Imgur, among many more.

Increased Participation

Memes have a robust viral potential and may bring people together via laughter.

Who doesn’t like to feel like they’re a part of something? An excellent inside meme makes people feel like they’re on a joke.

Possessing relevant or hilarious postings denotes that you won’t be able to relate to them or find them amusing on your own. These postings tend to be comprehensive and pertinent to a broad spectrum of people.

Funny posts, like memes, get more likes, comments, and shares. In actuality, brand-specific memes also spread quickly online.

Boost brand awareness

After enjoying, sharing, and building a relationship with a brand over time, people retain it well. Instead of emphasizing quantity, concentrate on delivering a steady stream of high-quality postings.

Memes undoubtedly have a significant impact since they are amusing, relevant, and memorable.

Memes Encourage Creativity

You don’t have to rely only on a meme that’s currently popular. It might be challenging to remain current with all the newest memes.

You may start making your own original memes once you’ve determined what your audience finds engaging. Naturally, this will take more work and time, but it may be worthwhile if your audience likes what you produce and spreads the word about it. It’s time to put memes to use now that you know how they can benefit you and your company.

Best Practices for Using Memes in Marketing Strategy

Now that you know how crucial it is to incorporate memes into your content marketing plan, let’s look at some tactics. And that’s what we’ll find out in this situation.

Memes are simple to create, but they still require some forethought and specific reliable tactics to make them instantly relevant, shareable, and even viral.

1. Understand Your Audience

It is a piece of honest marketing advice that has been used for a long time and is recommended by all marketers.

A meme needs to connect with its audience as well as brands and circumstances. It is doubtful that your meme will generate much activity if it does not appeal to your audience.

You are, without a doubt, already familiar with your audience’s age, interests, geography, industry, and all other details. To make memes that genuinely engage your audience, you may leverage all the data you obtained for your previous content marketing campaigns.

2. Keep Your Brand’s Voice

Most marketers know memes that could resonate with their audience, but using them while keeping a brand voice can be challenging.

The finest memes frequently include satire, social commentary, or nostalgia, making them thought-provoking and humorous. To avoid upsetting customers, marketers experimenting with meme marketing must walk a delicate line. Learn as much as you can about the most recent memes.

A meme can promote a specialized positioning and appeal to a particular group, even though it may be contentious and unappealing to everyone. Identifying your target audience can help you to improve your voice.

  • What kinds of material do your clients use?
  • Who does they like watching, listening to, or idolizing?
  • What can you do to keep kids amused?
  • What issues do they have in common with their neighborhood?

Start telling applicable jokes and commenting on pertinent fads and cultural trends as soon as you get a feel of the content your target audience will find interesting.

3. Produce unique memes:

Whatever picture you choose to use, your message must be unique and connected in some way to your audience or business. Do not utilize a joke that belongs to someone else for your audience. It really isn’t practical.

Instead of relying on others, making your own memes is always a good idea. Naturally, this will be considerably more difficult because you’ll need to gather data, put up a framework, and think of catchy titles.

Even if this procedure takes a while, you can be confident that it will be worthwhile in the end.


Making your own memes for your company helps it establish an identity and increase brand recognition.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CQG2ylqph-X/?utm source=ig embed&ig rid=e01517b5-4196-49be-9d91-32d23211c0ab
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Whatever it is, it has to be amusing. Everyone has the humor to support the meme, whether it is meant to make a point or to make people nostalgic for the past. Your meme is unlikely to be spread if it is not funny.

Be Quick:

You must keep up with current events. Many memes disappear in a couple of days, but others may persist for months or even years.

Therefore, you should take the chance quickly and adapt the trend to your industry.

Maintaining an active presence in meme communities may be beneficial, and you can do so by following meme pages on different social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and others.

One of the most effective meme marketers is Netflix. The company has interacted with its social media followers by using memes. Netflix is a joke. The company’s unique sub-account is exclusively used for meme marketing.

https://twitter.com/NetflixIsAJoke/status/1468733024401514501?ref src=twsrc%5Etfw% 7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1468733024401514501%7Ctwgr%5E9b88a453ac8ea32b3ef5a73df3d4ae02eb490e48%7Ctwcon%5Es1 &ref url=https%3A%2F%2Fthessmacademy.com%2Fhow-to-use-memes-in-marketing%2F

User-Generated Meme Redesign:

Since memes are intended to be shared, there are many options for your business to share memes made by other meme makers.

You are free to utilize other people’s memes in your feed, but it’s a good idea to consider adding a joke or a tag of your own. Your audience will appreciate it if you elaborate on the original humor. Memes can, however, be reshared in their current form with credit given to the original creators.

Even meme-making competitions are possible. Post an amusing photo to your account, then invite your followers to create memes based on it. It could even be able to include your brand in the image in some way, but if you do so, expect some jokes to be made about it. After that, you may share your favorites on social media. It’s a fantastic approach to increasing brand engagement.

Final thoughts on Meme marketing strategy

Memes may be valuable in your content marketing strategy if you utilize them correctly. Without worrying about keywords or content architecture, you may establish relationships with your audience with their assistance.

Memes are a common marketing tactic for businesses. As with most creative endeavors, trust your sense of humor. If you don’t find the meme you made amusing, fascinating, or enlightening, chances are your clients won’t either. Use caution and remember that the more memes you ingest, the more adept you’ll get at making them.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you plan to use memes in your social media marketing plan?

Comment with your ideas in the space provided. Do you have anything more or a topic you’d like to discuss? Please let us know in the comments box below so we can reply to you as soon as possible.

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